This is gonna be fun, raw and sexy….

Hi there stranger and welcome to my blog!

First off I’d like you to get some background about me….

I am a stand up comic, ex-druggie and former teen prostitute who loves crank calls and watermelon jolly ranchers. I ride my yellow bicycle ‘Jenny’ to work from ‘BROOKLYN!’ to the east village and get yelled at daily.

Some of the comments I’ve received; “You ever get your pussy sucked by a black man?!”I thought he was quite dedicated to have a full sentence to scream at me while I rode by. And by the way, I don’t care what color the man is, but I don’t think I like my pussy sucked…more licking is good I’m sure of it. Another fun comment happened when I honked my honka-honka bike horn at a guy who was standing in the middle of the bike lane. “Excuse me, Boobies!” was his reply. Now I took this as a compliment, not that any cat-calls are a put down, but this boob thing made me smile. Boobies is a nicer word than say, Titties and yet I’ve had that yelled at me too, but it was as I walked passed and a man yelled, “Titties! Titties! Titties!” when I got to the end of the block he added, “You know you like it when I talk to you like that!” Of course! What red blooded woman wouldn’t like it?!  Riding down a bumpy street in Brooklyn, I hit a big bump and a man on the sidewalk shouted, “Yeah, Panties!” So, I guess what I’m saying is, that I’m a popular sex-pot of a bike rider. Who knew a billowy dress and sneakers would get as much attention, if not more, than the stiletto wearing girls who look like they work at the Bada Bing? Well, another reason I love New York and the men that yell at me here.


About thejesswood

raised by hippies reared by gang members=actress, writer, gun moll, stand up comic
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