subway stories 7/22

On my way to the F train in ‘BROOKLYN!’ I watched a fat man try on a belt in the shade of a tree. He smiled as his 52″ waist was pulled tight by the vinyl strap. The street vendor smiled, “Yes, this is for you, nice.” The fat man smiled back shyly.

Inside the Jay Street station, I was slowly approached by a funky cool character. He wore a leather cowboy hat with a feather attached to it that flowed into the back of his long, brown hair. He wore aviator sunglasses and sported a leather vest with a long sleeve yellow button down shirt underneath. A skull belt buckle adorned his groin and he used a cane to make his way towards me. As he limped over , he paused and looked me quite seriously lifting his chin as if to say, “What we pretending for here, girl?”


About thejesswood

raised by hippies reared by gang members=actress, writer, gun moll, stand up comic
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